Some Minnesota residents are unhappy about Ted Nugent's plans to play at their local county fair — and they're refusing to go quietly.

Nugent's latest brush with controversy is reported by the Minnesota Star Tribune, which notes that Freeborn County, where he's scheduled to perform at the fair on Aug. 5, has recently been in the midst of a public movement dubbed "Choose Civility." As some see it, Nugent's spot in the lineup reflects the opposite of what they're trying to accomplish in the area.

"The fair reflects the values of the entire county, and having Ted Nugent perform at the fair would reflect tolerance of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, xenophobia, ableism and incivility toward people who protest his remarks or cancel his shows," wrote one resident. Noting that the region has become more racially diverse, the letter added, "We don’t want to let our students of color and our girls down by being silent."

In recent years, Nugent has shown an increased enthusiasm for calling out members of the American left wing, and has ended up in the headlines repeatedly during the Obama administration for making inflammatory comments. As he pointed out on his Facebook page, he sees the county fair dust-up as yet another example of "brain-fried subhuman mongrels" who "are all on dope" trying to clamp down on his freedom.

"Clearly I am doing God's work as the America hating lying Saul Alinsky scumdogs are all pissed off!" wrote Nugent. "Remember, if you're not pissing off the a--holes, you are an a--hole! Glory Glory Hallelujah! Watch the devils squirm! Hopefully we will get photos/vid of the dopey protestors with their American Communist Party regalia xposing their disdain for personal hygiene. Precious!"

Yet those that stand opposed to Nugent performing — who reportedly intend to play "alternative folk" during their protest — insist it isn't about politics, and point out they have no problem with similarly right-wing acts like Charlie Daniels playing at the fair. "Belittle, dehumanize, invalidate, repeat," reads the letter. "This is clearly beyond political differences. It’s about defending community standards of civility."

All the hubbub, however, sounds like it's probably moot. A fair board member pointed out that they have a contract they couldn't break with Nugent even if they wanted to — and suggested that those who don't want to hear him play simply attend the fair on a different day.

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