These homes are absolutely gorgeous.  But, have you been to any of them?

The 12 beautiful mansions described in this gallery have two things in common.  One, almost all of them are not on the regular radar of tourists and those seeking adventures in Upstate New York.  And two, these fascinating places all offer tours to the public, making them fantastic destinations for a creative day trip.

The lives led by the owners of these homes tell the story of America, from wilderness pioneers to leaders of the Women's Rights Movement. These owners span from famous authors and to men and women who have left giant, historic footprints in their own communities in Upstate New York. Their homes are beautifully preserved memories of their impactful lives.

As a travel writer and author of a book about famous Upstate New York homes ("Open House," Syracuse University Press), I can personally attest that these places have incredible stories to them and are certainly well deserving of a visit. It's a unique kind of adventure the whole family can enjoy.

Each entry has a direct link to each mansion.  We encourage you to put these 12 mystifying mansions on your bucket list for Upstate travel this summer.  Whether you're just passing by the area or making a trip just to see them, a relaxing tour through Upstate New York's gorgeous mansions is a great way to spend the day. Take a tour, and be amazed at these special places!

Take a Tour of These "Off the Grid" Upstate New York Mansions. You Will be Amazed!

This gallery highlights some of Upstate New York's most magnificent mansions. But, for the most part, several of these homes are not on the average raodtrippers radar. And they should be.

These homes rival those of the rich and famous in the Hudson Valley, as well as being comparable to the wealthy estates in Newport, Rhode Island.

And all give tours to the public!

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