Are you a wine drinker?  Then today is the day for you!  May 25th is National Wine Day and a time to relax and enjoy your favorite glass of wine.  You might be surprised to know after a poll of 1000 people from New York State done by, that New Yorkers drink mostly dry, red wine (35%), followed by 22% preferring sweet red, and then 17% liking rose.

How do they like to enjoy it? Most surveyed, just like to relax with a glass of wine at home, followed by having it with friends and with a meal at home.

40% of wine consumers said they just drink wine once a month, 22% said more than once a week and 17% only on special occasions.

Where do you fall in all this?  I'm more of a white wine drinker but I also enjoy red.  This time of year, I love a nice light white or blush wine.  Cheers!

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