Everyone knows that apple picking and visiting the pumpkin patch is a fall favorite activity in Upstate New York.

Well, move over apples and pumpkins because the newest fall favorite could be hemp picking. Seriously, there is a hemp farm in New York that allows people to come and "pick their own".

Now, remember this is hemp and not marijuana...although it does look like pot it's marijuana's cousin plant that doesn't contain the psychotropic compound that creates the high associated with marijuana. Instead, hemp is mostly used to make CBD products.

The U-pick hemp idea at Ananda Farms is a sign of the growing interest in all things cannabis, especially with the rise of CBD and New York’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana.  Ananda Farms in  Fulton will be offering pick-your-own hemp starting Saturday, October 9th through October 23rd.

Most people that pick their own hemp will use it to make their own CBD edibles, tinctures, and lotions according to the article in NYUP. The price is about $45 per pound for branches, and $55 per pound for whole plants, but discounts are available for seniors, veterans, first responders, and medical marijuana patients.

So, what about u-pick for actual marijuana? Well, with legalization and the ability for cannabis farmers to start planting their marijuana plants sometime soon there could be some kind of marijuana u-pick it in the future in New York. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a lot more fun than apple picking!

For more information about u-pick, hemp at Ananda Farms check out the Ananda Farms website.

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