Meet Debbie Rock, she's a personal trainer by trade and a marathon runner who lives in Hobart, NY and loves animals. In fact, recently, she found a forever friend, "Pebble" at Oneonta animal shelter, Super Superheroes in Ripped Jeans (SHIRJ). Her new cat is a joy to her and her husband and she wants to give back to the shelter after learning how hard they work to help animals that end up in their care.

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She decided to put her running endurance to the test with an ambitious goal of running 24 miles within 24 hours starting at 6:00 a.m. on December 18. She told me that she's doing it indoors on her treadmill so that it's easy to take breaks when she needs them. But still...24 miles in 24 hours?!! It makes me exhausted just thinking about it!

After interviewing Debbie about her upcoming endeavor and asking her why she chose this particular way to fundraise for SHIRJ, she just simply said, "I created  this endurance event because the people caring for these abandoned animals often have to wake up every two hours to feed and take care of them. They are inundated with unwanted animals and are in great need of supplies and financial aid."

To sponsor Rock in her endeavor, there is a gofundme page set up where you can donate money which all goes to SHIRJ, a non-profit organization. There's an added incentive to donate since Staffworks is matching all donations made to the animal shelter, up to $100,000. No donation is too small, especially since it will be matched.

Find out more about Super Heroes In Ripped Jeans and all they do at

We wish Debbie Rock the best of luck on her 24 hour run on Dec. 18!


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