If you're a "Treky" like I am and grew up riveted to your tv as you watched "Star Trek", then you are quite familiar with actor George Takei who played the well-known character Hikaru Kato Sulu - the Starship Enterprise's helmsman. In case you didn't know, Takei also happens to be an accomplished author and will be coming to Oneonta, NY for SUNY Oneonta's "Common Read" 2022 program next fall to present a lecture related to his newest book, "They Called Us Enemy". 

Takei’s new book is a very personal story, describing his experiences as a child growing up in U.S. internment camps during WWII. In this book, Takei includes the bigger picture of legalized racism and the U.S. policies that allowed that situation to take place.

"They Called Us Enemy," presents this serious topic in Takei's teen/young adult graphic memoir and he will present the Mills Distinguished Lecture on Monday, October 24, 2022, at SUNY Oneonta for not only SUNY Oneonta students and staff, but the community at large.

According to SUNY Oneonta, in his lecture, Takei will share his memories and experiences related to his childhood and growing up enduring legalized racism. Not only is Takei an actor and author, he is also an activist and has won many awards and honors for his human rights activism, his facilitation of positive Japan-United States relations, and work promoting LGBTQIA+ rights.

I think it's fair to say that Takei will bring a very engaging talk to our community with his lecture in October.

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More details related to SUNY Oneonta's Common Read will be released next fall. In the meanwhile, get any released information at SUNYOneonta.edu.

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