The Late Show With David Letterman went off the air in 2015 but let’s face it: Pets didn’t just stop doing stupid tricks just because their best TV outlet for them went away. Thankfully, Stupid Pet Tricks is coming back as its own series where pets can once again do the dumb stuff they enjoy.

Via press release, TBS announced they have greenlit a new Stupid Pet Tricks series based on the long-running comedy bit from The Late Show and, before that, Late Night With David Letterman. According to the release, “each episode features a parade of pets performing the most ridiculous, impressive, and extraordinary tricks on a studio stage before a live audience, interweaving comedic bits along with games and surprise celebrity guest drop-ins, as pet parents join their furry (or scaley!) friends in the quest to be crowned with the coveted title –Stupidest Trick of the Week.”

Stupid Pet Tricks was a cherished staple on Letterman’s TV shows for decades. Where else on television would you see a dog that could fit three tennis balls in its mouth at the same time?

Letterman is an executive producer of the series through his company, Worldwide Pants, but he’s not the host. That honor will instead fall to comedian Sarah Silverman, who had this statement on the news: “The rule in show business is, ‘never work with animals or children’ but I choose to work with David Letterman anyway.”

TBS has had some success in recent years with outlandish game shows like The Go-Big Show and Wipeout. Stupid Pet Tricks should fit right into that primetime lineup. Hopefully Stupid Human Tricks gets its own spinoff eventually, followed by a miniseries dedicated to the greatest Late Show running bit: “Will It Float?”

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