State Police have now arrested seven people in connection with a crime spree spanning four different counties.

In July, 23-year-old Christopher Youngs, Jr. of Maryland, NY and 27-year-old John Clark of Morris were arrested in connection with multiple burglaries in homes, seasonal residences and sheds in Madison, Otsego, Chenango and Delaware Counties.

They were both charged with burglary and criminal possession of stolen property.

Since then, Clark and Young have had additional charges lodged against them for their roles in a break-in of a garage and theft of tools in Roxbury.

In mid-July, a search warrant was executed at a residence owned by Charles Hall in New Lisbon. Investigators located numerous stolen items from the string of burglaries.

As a result of the findings at Hall’s home, five people were arrested, including Hall.

They’re facing charges of criminal possession of stolen property:

  • 32-year old Charles Hall of Edmeston
  • 23-year-old Kayla Van Pelt of Edmeston
  • 59-year-old Henry Schmidt of Garrattsville, NY
  • 56-year old Samuel Madero of Morris
  • 32-year old Joseph Santiago, Jr. of Burlington Flatts

Trooper say they’ve recovered numerous stolen items from the string of burglaries including stolen guns, ammunition, tools and household items.

Authorities say all seven individuals have been linked to 40 different cases between State Police, local Sheriff’s Departments and local police departments.

Police say more charges are likely s investigators continue to work on open cases.

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