Yes, that is a picture of an apple. Yes, the apple is the official state fruit. That is about the only one that actually seems appropriate. The others maybe should be different.

Of course, the state fruit is an apple. That honestly makes all the sense in the world. We have so many apple orchards and each September and October the social media feed of New Yorkers is filled with apple orchard selfies. But what about the other state foods?

It seems right now that there are only three official state foods. Did you know we have an official state muffin? That would be, drumroll please, an apple muffin. That's a thing? I would have honestly thought a blueberry muffin would be the one. Maybe that is because it is such a common one to find.

How about the official state snack for New York? Well, that would be yogurt. Look, it makes sense because we have a Chobani factory in the area. Do you ever see someone walking down the street with a spoon eating yogurt? That one seems a little bit odd. The state snack in all reality should probably be potato chips. They were invented here.

Chicken Riggies should be the state pasta dish. A bagel should probably be New York's official breakfast. Beef on Weck is getting no love? Maybe it should be the official state sandwich. When you think of food from New York, you usually may think of Buffalo Wings or New York Style Pizza. One of them should be the official state food.

If we had an official state ice cream, odds are it should be one of these.

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