If you're single and want to throw your hat into the dating pool, then there are definitely some things you should about how it all works now according to a dating survey of Singles in America by Match.com:
- 48% of single women and 38% of men check people out on Facebook before the first date.
- Related to on-line research about their date: 49% of women and 27% of men would cancel their first date if they find out something they don't like about the person.
- Pay attention to this one: both men and women judge each other the most on teeth, grammar usage and hair.
- Men care the least about what electronics a woman carries, the kind of car she drives or her shoes while women care the least about a man's electronics, language accent, and also car the man drives.
- 71% of women are still won't date a man shorter than them.
- 48% of men want to meet a partner's parents before becoming exclusive (he probably wants to see what her mother looks like for future reassurance). 35% of women said the same.
- 54% percent said they wouldn't date someone with more than $5,000 in credit card debt which is not a bad idea since most couples fight about money issues.
- 44% of single people said they'd had a friends-with-benefits arrangement that turned into a more traditional relationship proving that it's difficult to separate sex from emotions.
- 23% of single people have shared a sexy text or photo they received with someone else (Aiy!), and many times shared that picture with three or more people.  How's that for privacy?
- 22% of single women said they secretly checked their date's pockets, drawers, or closets. Women over 30 went for the medicine cabinet to find out what medications their date was on.  Can you say paranoia or maybe it's just practicality?

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