Summer is the time of year when state legislators are back in their home districts between sessions. Most use that time to travel through their districts gathering feedback from their constituents.

State Senator James Seward says during his travels, one of the main concerns of dairy farmers is the price of milk. However, state dairy farmers are getting a boost from a new industry.

"All are very, very pleased with the emergence of the yogurt making industry in upstate New York," Seward said. "Locally, we have Chobani. In other parts of the state with have other, new yogurt facilities that are in place or are being developed. We have a great explosion of yogurt making in upstate New York, which is tremendous in terms of our local economic development in jobs."

Seward says that many farmers are not in a position to take full advantage of the benefits of the industry. Seward is reaching out to the Secretary of Agriculture to ask him to investigate the various classes of milk and try to get a fair price for state dairy farmers.

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