As if the news in regards to Covid-19 couldn't be concerning to some, a new and potentially more powerful version of the virus has officially been linked to at least one person in the Capital Region and potentially three more.  This new Covid variant is believed to be more "transmissible" than the original according to New York Now and on Monday, the Governor announced that this is the first time its been identified in New York state.

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According to New York Now, the case was traced to Saratoga Springs and N. Fox Jewelers on Broadway in Saratoga.  It is believed that as many as three other people connected to that store have symptoms, but their cases have been sent to labs to determine whether or not they have the variant.

Meanwhile, according to the source, Governor Cuomo has asked that if anyone was inside that jewelry store between December 18th and the 24th, they notify the state.  Cuomo also told reporters that the individual with the new variant hasn't traveled recently, meaning it was most likely "community spread." 

According to the Washington Post, the strain is believed to have emanated from the U.K. and "appears to be more contagious and may have greater implications for children" although it's also being reported that it is not necessarily more deadly.

The Washington Post reports that the outbreak of Covid cases in the U.K. in recent weeks has been staggering.  According to the source, there have been "50,000 daily cases for seven days. The number of patients in London hospitals has more than doubled over the past two weeks," the Post reported.

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