Police had a run-in with a Roxbury man's grandmother in the Town of Roxbury on Monday. New York State Police went to arrest 26-year-old Vincent Brower on rape charges at the home of Brower's grandmother, Gloria A. Laureanti of Roxbury.

According to New York State Police at Margaretville, when police arrived at the residence to make the arrest, Laureanti held off officers by blockading the front door with a refrigerator. As police approached the house, Laureanti "appeared in the doorway and was immediately belligerent with troopers when they told her why they were there." Then, Laureanti pointed two revolvers that had been hidden behind her back at the troopers. That's when officers drew their guns and ultimately arrested Laureanti and her grandson Brower. Laureanti's two revolvers turned out to be nothing more than cap guns, but they appeared realistic.


Laureanti has been charged with Menacing a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest while Brower faces charges of Rape in third degree, Criminal Sex Act in the third degree, and  Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

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