Steve Miller's had his chance to air his grievances with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now the Hall's president has offered a rebuttal — and so have the musicians who inducted Miller during the ceremony.

Miller went public with his beef against the Rock Hall in the press room after his induction last week, presenting a list of complaints that included the high price of tickets for the show as well as what seemed to be an underhanded approach to securing rights for photos and video. He continued after the event, expounding on his anti-Hall sentiments by saying, among other things, that all it does is "talk about itself and sell postcards."

Miller's comments have prompted reprisal from guitarist and singer Dan Auerbach, who inducted Miller alongside his bandmate in the Black Keys, drummer Patrick Carney. Speaking with Rolling Stone — which was founded by Rock Hall Foundation chairman Jann Wenner — Auerbach described the incident as "disappointing."

"The whole process was unpleasant. And for Pat and I, the most unpleasant part was being around him," said Auerbach. "Of course there are problems in the music industry. Of course. But we were there, unpaid, on our own free will, to come celebrate his achievements and spread the joy of rock 'n' roll. To inspire kids to pick up guitars. To play music. And it felt like we were doing the opposite."

Added Auerbach, "I just want people to know that he's allowed to say whatever he wants, of course. But he does not speak for me. He does not speak for Pat." Noting the irony of an artist whose band "has had 35 members and no women" blasting the Hall for not being inclusive enough of women, he argued, "There's a time and a place to stand up and be angry. But when people are honoring you for how great you are, that's not the f---ing time or place."

Rock Hall president Joel Peresman took a more diplomatic stance in a separate interview with Rolling Stone, insisting the Hall had no idea Miller was upset prior to the ceremony. Refuting each of Miller's complaints point by point, Peresman retorted, "This production has been refined over the past 30 years. One thing that Steve needs to consider is that he's not the only person being inducted that night. There are other inductees that we need to be respectful to and give them time to perform and speak. No one ever edits what people say."

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