The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame always seems to commit a few notable whiffs. Last year was no exception, as we pinpoint 15 acts who should have been nominated.

Among the Rock Hall of Fame's 2018 snubs were bands that never received the mainstream radio or media attention they so richly deserved. That includes everyone from metal gods Iron Maiden and prog pioneers King Crimson to indie-rock greats like Big Star, the Pixies and the Replacements.

Others had plenty of success – Def Leppard certainly, and Soundgarden too – and that just might be what's keeping them out of a process that often seems mired in hipster considerations. Millions of record-buying members of the public made their own implicit argument for these candidacies.

Some are doomed to outsider status, it seems, simply because of their preferred genre. Metal bands like Motorhead and Pantera (and Iron Maiden and Soundgarden, as well) have struggled just as mightily as prog groups (like Jethro Tull) to earn their rightful place among the other rock gods.

The fan vote, in place since 2012, might have helped – if these bands had ever gotten on the ballot. After all, artists like Warren Zevon, the Cure and Roxy Music have developed a group of followers as fervent as the Rock Hall is indifferent, it seems. It's all laid out in the following list of Rock Hall of Fame Snubs: 15 Acts Who Should Be Nominated for 2019.

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