Ticket holders at the Rock Fest in Cadott, Wis. went home without their expected quotient of Rob Zombie on July 20 after Zombie's voice gave out, forcing him off the stage just two songs into his set.

In the video above, you can see an obviously distraught Zombie -- known for pouring an incredible amount of thought, creativity, money and energy into his over-the-top stage shows -- explaining his predicament to the crowd. "I've never done this before. Man, I can't even talk there's no way I can do this show. I'm sorry. It's f---ing bulls---, I know, but that's what f---ing happens. We don't want to give you a s--- show, I'm sorry. What can we do? It's my fault."

Zombie's premature exit seems to have caused a lot of confusion in the crowd, judging from the response at his Facebook page, where it's clear that fans waited around for a significant period of time before being told he wouldn't return. "Sorry Rock Festers. We didn't mean for Rock Fest to end this way," explained the festival's Facebook account. "What we were told is Rob Zombie's voice went. We tried to get him back on stage, but to no avail. That's what took so long. Thanks for being the most amazing rock fans around. Travel safely."

"Sorry, everybody. I wish my voice wasn't so f---ed," added Zombie in a separate message. "I knew from the first second we started that it was impossible to get through the show."

Given Zombie's aggressive singing style, it's probably somewhat surprising that this doesn't happen on a more regular basis -- not that that's any consolation for the ticked-off faithful. They can at least console themselves with the imminent arrival of his next studio set, which will serve as the follow-up to 2013's Top 10 hit 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.' "It sounds f---in' weird, man," he promised Billboard. "That's a really good thing."

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