Let's face it: some people aren't exactly cut out for the harsh realities that come with camping. Tents, bugs, no electricity, no bathroom. To some, it's not a pleasing experience.

But alas, there's an opportunity for you to spend some time in the woods without having to make those sacrifices for the experience. The property is located just outside of Syracuse in Lafayette, about an hour from the Utica area, and it's pretty dang special.

Maybe you're looking to make a memorable experience with someone you love? This tree house is extremely romantic and will be something to remember. There's something magical about it you can't get from your typical hotel getaway.

You can book this treehouse camp for a weekend - or as long as you'd like. Not only does the treehouse feature a toilet, a double bed, and an outdoor shower - there's so many different aspects that will allow you to create some memories.

Below the tree house rental, there's a large wooden deck with lots of space and ample seating, perfect for guests to enjoy the fresh air with a couple of drinks. There's a barbecue grill to fire up for some social cooking and dining al fresco style, and a separate fire pit to gather around in the evening. A wooden bridge takes guests to the octagonal viewing deck, perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods.

I can see it as the perfect proposal spot, or maybe a great way to spend an anniversary. The lighted pathway and how romantic that could be, combined with a nice, cozy fire. How beautiful.

Check out all the photos for yourself and then plan a weekend adventure!

How Romantic Is This Cozy, Rustic Tree House in Lafayette, New York?

You can check out more photos and make your reservations HERE.

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