Chances are you've heard of "glamping". The Oxford Dictionary describes it as "a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping." I have never glamped (is that a word?) but I sure want to, especially after seeing what is offered right outside my hometown of Oneonta, NY.

I loved growing up and doing plenty of camping with my family. I have always been an "outdoorsy" person but I must admit, now that I am over 50, the idea of planning a camping excursion with the tons of gear needed and the mere fact of sleeping on hard ground, is not really appealing to me anymore. So in comes glamping, with all your amenities provided and none of the extra gear to bring! I must admit it sounds indulgent for someone who has always roughed it but my "roughing it" days are done and I'm finally ok with it.

I was totally hooked on the idea of glamping when I was doing a bit of research for a "staycation" this summer. Tentrr is a company in Oneonta that runs a glamping business in our area and I fell in love with their feature property which is a mere 5 minutes from Oneonta and dubbed as a "Rest, Refresh, R and N Retreat".


No setup is involved with figuring out what tent poles go where are involved in glamping. It's all done for you - now that's MY kind of camping! And this property on 65 acres is owned by a nice older couple (Nadine and Roger) who happen to have some adorable farm animals according to reviewers like goats, ducks, and donkeys that they are happy to introduce to guests.

From the description of this property, if you enjoy outdoor activities like fishing for rainbow trout, swimming, paddling around in a canoe or paddleboat, mountain biking, or hiking, you are certainly in luck. You can do all those things during your glamping experience. I like that they boast acres of groomed hiking trails. Sign me up! Staycation, here I come!

If glamping is starting to sound like something you would like to investigate, you can check out opportunities in Otsego County and beyond at

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