In all of my life, I have not ever once talked to a single person who went to a Renaissance Faire and said that they hated it. Quite the opposite, actually. Everyone I've talked to who has attended a Renaissance Faire has had nothing but great stories to tell.

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I became enchanted with the idea of going to a Renaissance Faire as a teen when one of my English teachers described going to a Renaissance Faire over the summer in great and animated detail, making it sound like the most fantastic of places. I went home from school that day and told my mom who agreed with what my teacher said and raved about her own experience going to the New York Renaissance Faire.

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fare is where I had my first Ren Faire experience and my husband and I enjoyed it so much that we went back multiple times a season year after year. This year, we were able to share the wonder that is a Ren Faire with our son by taking him to the Sterling Renaissance Faire near Lake Ontario.

Whether you've never been to a Renaissance Faire and have no idea what to expect at one or you've been but want to re-live the magic all over again, these are 40 reasons to visit (or re-visit) a Renaissance Fare.

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