April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful bond between children and their pets.  Of course that took me right down memory lane, thinking of all the wonderful pets I had as a child.  Since I grew up in the country, there were plenty of opportunities to enjoy the company of some harmless wild critters as well as domesticated pets.

I can vividly remember bringing home injured turtles, found in road which has been hit by vehicles and needed a bit of tlc and nurturing before being released back to the wild.  It was always obvious when those little guys were healthy again, since they would easily slip away from the simple chicken wire pen I had constructed with my dad.  Our family also harbored a baby woodchuck once and an injured opossum.  They all went merrily on their way after enduring me nursing them back to health. Don't worry, I was never allowed to actually handle those animals since wild animals are dangerous.

Regarding traditional pets, I also had quite a few hamsters along the way, a few mice, and cats which were of course were my favorite pets.  Every pet experience gave me enjoyment that I can recall years later.  And because of that, I can't imagine not having some type of pet in my house.  Our family shares our home with an Angel fish, one dog and one cat and it wouldn't feel like home without our precious pets!  They add so much enjoyment to our lives!

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