To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Queen‘s ‘We Will Rock You’ musical in London, the band is bringing back Freddie Mercury. The late singer will appear via hologram during next week’s run of shows at the Dominion Theatre.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Roger Taylor and Brian May will use different technology than Coachella organizers used to bring rapper Tupac Shakur to the stage last month. However the effect will be the same.

“People will come out saying, ‘Did we actually see Freddie?’” May says. Earlier Taylor expressed reservations about appearing on stage alongside the late singer: “I don’t want to appear with a hologram of my dear friend. It’s the real one or no hologram for me.”

As a result, the band will not perform alongside the projection at their concerts, such as their July dates at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, which will feature Adam Lambert singing in Mercury’s place. American fans will have to settle for the Queen Extravaganza, which begins in Canada on May 26, but tours through America during much of June.

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