A few hologram acts have come before her, but now Amy Winehouse will be getting the photographic treatment.Will.i.am, Tupac, and even Roy Orbison have performed for crowds without even stepping onto the stage--as holograms. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, is working with the same company who produced the Roy Orbison hologram, and her family will have the final say-so over the show, which is set to premiere in 2019 and tour the world for the next three years. The hologram will be played while a live band provides the backing track. This will, of course, give fans the opportunity to see her live once more.

Proceeds from the show will go to the Amy Winehouse foundation to help young people who are struggling with substance abuse. Winehouse's family thinks that she would be happy with this development, because her legacy is about helping people as well as keeping her music alive.

Do you think artists who have died should reappear and perform as holograms, or should we honor them by listening to their music and appreciating it privately?

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