Over the years, it was always one of my favorite events to enjoy with my family - The  Annual Farmers' Museum Harvest Festival. It incorporates almost everything I enjoy about fall: pumpkins, cider, baked goods, delicious soups, apples, and handmade crafted items for sale by a variety of vendors. All that combined with an old-fashioned celebration of the fall harvest, including old-time music and all kinds of demonstrations. Throw in the amazing carousel for the kids and farm animals, and it's a win-win for the whole family. It definitely was always one of my favorite, family events to go to each fall.

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This year because of COVID-19 spread concerns, The Farmers' Museum announced that it was going to make a change this year, and instead of having a weekend event where larger crowds typically gather, the Harvest Festival is going to be presented as a "Celebration of Autumn" and become a month-long event to reduce crowd sizes and run from  September 18 to October 11.

The good news is that each day, the Farmers' Museum will offer fall-related activities for visitors. A full schedule of events for that time frame is coming soon according to the museum.

In a media release, Dr. Paul S. D’Ambrosio, The Farmers’ Museum President and CEO says, "It worked well last season and enhanced the museum experience for everyone who visited. We look forward to the return of our much loved and traditional Harvest Festival in 2022.”

Visit FarmersMuseum.org for more information and a soon-to-be-released schedule of events during the Celebration of Autumn.

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