Paul McCartney and Beck have released a video for their collaborative version of “Find My Way,” which appears on the album McCartney III Imagined.

The LP, released in April, contains new takes on songs from the former Beatle’s solo album McCartney III, which came out last year.

The video features a computer-generated representation of McCartney as a young man. And when the real-life 79-year-old appears in the background of one scene, it’s a hint that the lead character might not be who he appears to be.

You can see the clip below.

“Personally curated by Paul, McCartney III Imagined features an A-list assortment of friends, fans and brand new acquaintances, each reimagining their favorite McCartney III moments in their own signature styles,” a statement explained. “The result is a kaleidoscopic reinterpretation of an album ...  that serves as an extension of the instantly beloved McCartney III while standing on its own as brilliant and adventurous milestone in the McCartney discography.”

Last year, McCartney addressed speculation that the solo album would be his last studio project. “Everything I do is always supposed to be my last," he said. "When I was 50 – ‘That’s his last tour.’ And it was like, ‘Oh, is it? I don’t think so.’ It’s the rumor mill, but that’s okay. When we did Abbey Road, I was dead, so everything else is a bonus.”

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