Following a New York State Supreme Court decision, the owners of 95 Main Street in Oneonta (former historic hotel) have been deemed to be in contempt of court according to AllOTSEGO.

Building owners Melania and Nicolae Pervu failed to comply with the prior court order to bring the residential apartments on the second through fifth floor up to the appropriate building and fire codes.  As a result, Judge John Lambert stated that the couple may not rent to any tenants until "the City of Oneonta grants a Certificate of Compliance regarding code violations at the property.” The Pervus must also reimburse the city for all attorney’s fees incurred in prosecuting the case and that a $25,000 bond be immediately posted as a fund for the city to apply against for the reimbursement of any other costs incurred contempt proceeding.

Following that court decision, Mayor Gary Herzig said, “The city will continue to take whatever actions are necessary to protect the integrity of this important structure and the safety of all who come to our downtown to live, work, or visit.”

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