Otsego County has posted two new positive cases of COVID-19 in just the last few days. According to the Otsego County Department of Health, the two people who contracted the virus are both healthcare workers who work in nursing homes outside of Otsego County. In both instances, the infected individuals were asymptomatic. Under a Governor Cuomo mandate, all nursing home/adult home employees are tested twice weekly.

Health officials remind everyone to wear a mask when out in public, continue with social distancing, stay home when you are feeling sick, and wash your
hands frequently especially before eating and/or touching mouth nose or eyes.

Here are the Otsego County COVID-19 numbers as May 27:

• 65 total confirmed cases
• 0 hospitalized
• 57 recovered from illness
• 5 deaths
• 16 people on quarantine/isolation
• 283 people released from quarantine/isolation
• 2,653 negative tests reported

To get the latest information on COVID-19 from Otsego County, visit www.otsegocounty.com/departments/d-m/health_department/covid19.php.

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