No, you haven't been hacked or kicked off Facebook and Insta by Mark Zuckerberg for that meme you posted in 2017.

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Facebook is apparently experiencing a site wide outage. According to, as of 10:45am on March 5th, 2024, over 500,000 reports of outages have come in, some from Europe and the Middle East, the US, and Central America. Users are seeing a "failure to load" page.

The reports mostly say the same thing, if you were logged in, the social media site has logged you out, and attempts to log in are not working, passwords are not being recognized, and trying to change/update them result in nothing happening.

On Downdetector, some speculated that it was due to Super Tuesday being held today, while others think it's a possible DDOS attack. One commented simply suggested that everyone get some grass under their feet for a spell.

We'll keep you updated on this developing story and let you know when it comes back.

As of 11:45am, Facebook is back up in Oneonta, New York.

“Earlier today, a technical issue caused people to have difficulty accessing some of our services,” said Meta spokesperson Andy Stone on X. “We resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

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