We've all heard the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that's exactly what happened when Emily Phillips of Oneonta had to figure out how to make her homemade COVID-19 mask fit better. It wasn't a mask she had made herself but had been given and it just didn't fit over her ears. It was a bit too big. So what did she do? She created what she calls "ear-savers"--a band that goes through the 2 mask straps and goes around the back of the head. Naturally, it's fully adjustable to fit most anyone.

Ear-savers (Credit: Emily Phillips)
Ear-savers (Credit: Emily Phillips)

When people found out she was making ear-savers, the requests started pouring in from friends, neighbors, ARC Otsego, A.O. Fox Hospital, Springbrook, Amphenol and more. She can't keep up with the requests and is putting out the call for people to volunteer to help. Emily is asking for those people who can crochet to make the ear-savers and those who can't crochet, can help to sew the button on each ear-saver. She'll even help provide the supplies!

To help out or find out more, email Emily at phillie@oneonta.edu.

Below is a video with Emily Phillips, Theresa (Owner of Theresa's Emporium), and Jill (Owner of Transitions Boutique), who discuss how to make the ear-savers.

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