Oneonta High School tonight will remember and honor longtime Oneonta football coach and Board of Education member Bobby Winn, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in August.

He was 53 years old.

Winn was a 1977 of Oneonta High School and chose to raise his family in Oneonta. He is survived by his wife Jo-Ann and their two children, Kristin (Todd Gould) and Alex, and his beloved grandchildren, Kendall Leila and Jakob Robert.

His obituary includes the following passage, describing his contribution to Oneonta football from the Pee Wee level through varsity.

As a football coach, he not only tried to teach the fundamentals of the game, he was trying to teach responsibility and respect that would carry you into adulthood. He was one of the first coaches of the Oneonta Pee Wee league. He followed his first team of junior players to the senior level of the league.

He continued to coach at the senior league until he eventually became the varsity football coach for Oneonta Senior High. After stepping down as the coach for OHS, he went back to resurrect the Pee Wee league as the head of the program. Coaching football was just one of Bobby’s many passions.

The Yellow Jackets have invited Winn's family for a ceremony before Oneonta's game with Susquehanna Valley. The game is slated for 7 p.m. and will be carried on WZOZ.

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