It's National Chocolate Chip Day today and if there's one thing I don't mind eating, it's chocolate.  It not only tastes delicious, but it actually has health benefits.  According, "People who eat chocolate three times a month will live almost a year longer than people who eat more or less than it."  This is why:  it really has to do with chocolate's main ingredient, cocoa which can reduce the risks of heart disease.  It also contains phenols that reduce free radicals, which researchers believe cause cell damage and cancer. And you know what else chocolate can do?  It may lower your levels of bad cholesterol and strengthen the immune system!

Of course remember, it's all about moderation since chocolate packs a lot of calories.  I am personally a big fan of dark chocolate which has a higher concentration of cocoa than milk chocolate and to me, tastes better.  Plus since it has more cocoa, which is the "good stuff" in terms of health, I can enjoy it without guilt.

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