We've got more daily rock history facts about your favorite artists!

On this day in 1962, the Beatles’ made their U.K. debut with the single "Love Me Do." It spent 26 week's on the chart and peaked at #17. Beatles producer George Martin said that the day "Love Me Do" was released was the day the world changed.

In 1973, Elton John released his seventh studio album, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." Working titles of the album included "Vodka and Tonics" and "Silent Movies, Talking Pictures." Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to the album in two and a half weeks, and Elton John composed most of the music in three days while staying in Kingston, Jamaica. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" has since sold over 30 million copies around the world, making it his best-selling studio album.

In 1976, Hall And Oates' second album, "Abandoned Luncheonette" was certified gold only three weeks after it was released.

credit: eBay, edwarcomma

In 1979 on this day, The Who's "The Kids Are Alright" went platinum, just over a year after their drummer, Keith Moon, had died. 

In 1999, Roger Daltrey announced that The Who would be reforming to perform in Las Vegas for the first on October 29th. The show was also set to be broadcast live via the Internet.

And in 2000, The Beatles' first autobiography, The Beatles Anthology, hit the shelves. Fans all over the world waited in anticipation to buy their copy. Stores in Japan and Britain opened at midnight to start selling the book. Publishers said that there had been over 1.5 million orders worldwide for the 350,000-word publication, which was sold for £35 ($45.64).

credit: eBay, eccentricplanet