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On this day in 1964, the Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. After they finished their first song, the teenagers in the audience kept yelling for more, forcing Sullivan to shout "Quiet!" several times before the next act could be introduced. The band closed the show with "Time is On My Side" and such an uproar ensued that no one was able to hear Ed Sullivan's short conversation with Mick Jagger. The TV host swore that The Stones would never come on the show again, but later went back on this and brought them back. 

Also in 1964, the Beatles were given five Ivor Novello Awards, one of which was for Most Outstanding Contribution To Music.

In 1968, Led Zeppelin performed at Surrey University in England. This is the first documented gig where the group appeared with their new name after getting their start as the New Yardbirds, however there are unconfirmed reports of the name change occurring earlier. A poster for the Surrey gig, which billed the group as the new Yardbirds, sold at auction in 2003 for £2,400 ($3,114).

In 1969, Pink Floyd released their quadruple-sided album entitled "Ummagumma." Songs that were released on the album included “The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party,” “Sisyphus, Part IV,” and “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict.” The last song boasts the longest title of any of the band's other songs.

credit: klipkloppen, eBay
credit: klipkloppen, eBay

In 1982, an audiophile version of The Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was released by Mobile Fidelity. 5,000 albums were recorded in what is known as UHQR half speed. They all sold within two weeks at $50 a pop.

And in 2001, 13 law firms were trapped in the dispute around Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia's $10 million estate six years after he had died. Former wives and girlfriends were still fighting over how to distribute his estate and annual royalties of $4.6 million.

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