In what has been the most challenging times in recent memory for students of all ages, many have let out a sigh of relief with the news that New York State plans to eliminate remote learning for the next school year.

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Sluggish internet connections, background disruptions, and tears of digital frustration may be a thing of the past when the new school year starts in New York State this September as Governor Cuomo announced on Monday that there are plans for all students to go back to full in-person learning in physical classrooms.

Governor Cuomo held a press conference on Long Island yesterday announcing that he anticipates that all schools will be able to fully open and all students will be able to be back in the classroom next September,  "With the way our COVID numbers are currently trending, there is no reason why our students should not get back to in-person learning as usual and we look forward to welcoming them back."

Cuomo touched on the fact that while educators and administration did a phenomenal job being thrust into remote learning with no forwarning and very little experience doing so. However, many students struggled and Cuomo reiterated the need for students to be in the classroom saying, "It was the best that we could do in a bad situation, but by no stretch of the imagination is remote learning a substitute for class participation."

Cuomo previously announced that all SUNY and CUNY campuses would require vaccines for in-person students, but only if one of the COVID vaccinations is given full approval. He did touch on the subject of whether or not schools will require students to be vaccinated in order to go back to school in September although he did not give an opinion. Instead, Cuomo said the topic is controversial and reiterated that the state would not be able to require vaccination unless one is given full approval for regular use by the FDA.

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