The New York Ice Castles officially opened on Sunday January 23rd and quickly became the hottest ticket in the Adirondacks.

It seems that everyone is talking about the New York Ice Castles this Winter. It is so popular that, according to the events official website, the remaining dates are completely sold out. Or is it?

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Earlier today I went online to see if I could get a couple of tickets to the New York Ice Castles and I was bummed but not surprised to see that it was sold out. Just a few hours later I see that a bunch of tickets are currently available! Check for tickets at the New York Ice Castles website.

If it sells out again you may still have an option. I stumbled upon some information that was not only encouraging, it was the golden ticket if you will. I found another way in! Here's the deal and let me stress, there are no guarantees.

Even if a date and time are showing as sold out, there are a limited number of tickets available for sale on-site on most dates. Arrive prior to the opening time and wait in line for the chance to purchase these "extra" tickets. Once you are in you can take your time enjoying all that the Ice Castles have to offer.

The earlier you arrive, the better chance you have. New York Ice Castles can be found at Charles R. Wood Park-Festival Commons in Lake George. Let's take a look inside this Winter Wonderland with Ice Castles, Ice Slides, Ice Tunnels and even an Ice Maze!

2022 New York Ice Castle

Here is a look inside the New York Ice Castle in Lake George

New York Ice Castles

Lake George, New York!

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