Recently Buzzfeed featured a list of 240 fast food, fast casual and chain restaurants and asked readers how many of them had been checked off their food bucket list. (I got 104, by the way, no big deal.) Buzzfeed's list is a little unfair unless you're extremely well traveled, as many of the restaurants are highly localized to different regions of the country or even Canada.

So I decided to modify their list for a chain restaurant gut-check that's a little more focused on New York State. So check out this list below. Each of these eateries, both national and local chains has at least one location somewhere in New York State. Count up the number of places where you've dined and let us know in the comments below.

1 McDonald's

2 Burger King

3 Wendy's

4 Subway

5 Taco Bell

6 DiBella's Old Fashioned Subs

7 Long John Silvers

8 A & W

9 Pizza Hut

10 Domino's

11 Papa John's

12 Little Ceaser's

13 Mighty Taco

14 Popeye's

15 Zebb's

16 Kirby's

17 Dinosaur Bar B Que

18 Bomber's Burrito Bar

19 Jimmy John's

20 99 Steakhouse

21 Red Lobster

22 Mr. Subb

22 Dairy Queen

23 Abbot's Frozen Custard

24 Rita's Water Ice

25 Kentucky Fried Chicken

26 Arby's

27 Chipotle

28 Jreck Subs

29 Five Guys Burger and Fries

30 Quizno's

31 Dunkin' Donuts

32 Pita Pit

33 Tim Horton's

34 Nathan's Famous

35 Friendly's

36 Wegman's

37 Stewart's Shops

38 Cosi

39 Delmonico's Steakhouse

40 Tom Wahl's

41 Buffalo Wild Wings

42 Moe's Southwest Grill

43 Hoopla Frozen Yogurt

44 Quaker Steak and Lube

45 Uno's Chicago Grill

46 Carvel Ice Cream

47 Empire/Oswego Sub Shop

48 Mark's Pizzeria

49 Cheesecake Factory

50 Dickey's BBQ Pit

51 Panera Bread

52 Outback Steakhouse

53 Olive Garden

54 Sonic Drive-In

55 Speidie and Rib Pit

56 Roly Poly

57 Ponderosa

58 Tilted Kilt

59 Applebee's

60 Cracker Barrel

Your Score

0-15 You may not be from around here. Check your driver's licence. Does it say Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Massachusetts? We thought so.

15-30 Not bad. You are well traveled on the thruway of life that is New York.

30-45 A true Empire Eater! You likely know all the good spots from Buffalo to the Bronx.

45-60 Welcome to the Governor's Council on Exceptional Eating! Just be sure to get some exercise, we don't want your waistline to resemble Rochester's Inner Loop.




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