As you walk, hike or bike your way through the woods of New York it is possible that you will encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. What are you supposed to do if you encounter bear, moose or deer? Would you know how to survive?

Some of the answers seem obvious but not everybody is on the same page. For example, now that fawning season has ended for 2021 the baby deer population is higher than at other times of the year and occasionally you may see a spotted fawn alone in the forest. Leave it alone!

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Times Union caught up with wildlife rehabilitator Barbara “Missy” Runyan from Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center. Missy suggests "if you care, leave it there". Human contact with deer can be deadly, for the animal.

If you see a fawn in the woods:

  • Leave it alone
  • Do not feed it water or milk
  • Do not cover it in a blanket
  • DO NOT try to keep it as a pet!

If you do encounter wildlife that you are concerned about, call the state police before approaching the animal. Here are other potential encounters and what you should do.

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