If you have ever been in a relationship and also shared a pet, it never ends well. If the break-up or divorce is amicable, usually it starts off where both sides agree to share custody but it never ends that way. Now there is a law that will treat the pet as part of the family instead of property. Depending on which party is more fit, they will get the animal in a custody dispute in family court.

Break-ups are Never Easy Especially When Pets Are Involved

I can speak from experience. My ex and I had been together for twelve years with two dogs. When we separated, we talked about splitting custody of the dogs. Our intentions were good, but it didn't end up well. Turned out, once when I brought our dog to see her, where she would keep him for a few days, she wound up keeping him for good. I wasn't mad, but I was sad that I wouldn't be able to see him. She lived hours away. If this law was in effect back then, at least I would have had it in writing and she would have had to let me see him.

New Law Makes Pets Family Not Property

Governor Hochul signed a new law in effect immediately that makes pets deemed as family not property. The main objective of the bill is to change how pets are viewed in the event of a divorce or separation. They were viewed prior to this "pet custody bill" as marital property much like furniture or items accrued in the relationship.

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