Netflix's new unscripted music series, "Westside," is premiering on November 9.

The show will follow the lives of nine ambitious artists as they navigate the slippery slope that is the music industry. Rather than pitting these individuals against each other, the series will focus on how the artists work as a team to achieve their ultimate goal of stardom. Music for the series is being composed by the biggest hitmakers of today, including (but not limited to) Diane Warren, Philip Lawrence, and Pat Monahan, and the soundtrack will be released by Warner Brothers.

The trailer for the series portrayed something much different than what I was expecting--I thought that the show would be more like a documentary, but it is far more structured than that. At first glance it seems like an American Idol knock-off, but it appears to be much grittier than that. These artists have already proven their talent on a base level, and now they're trying to get noticed and get signed.

This eight-episode series looks very promising, and I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself this November.

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