Who drives around a child walking down the road? Several people apparently. But thankfully, one Central New York good Samaritan stopped to help.

Ryan Cook was driving through South New Berlin on his way to work when he saw something unexpected that left him scratching his head. "I had a very dumbfounding experience on my way to work that I haven't been able to shake."

Three cars in front Cook swerved around what he assumed was a dog or a cat running around out in the road. But, it wasn't an animal. "It was a three or four-year-old little boy walking down the road dressed in no more than a pair of shorts."

Cook immediately pulled over and parked his truck. "I asked the little guy where his parents were and he told me they were sleeping."

The child couldn't tell Cook where he lived. "He did however assure me it was a good day for fishing."

As Cook was getting ready to dial 911, someone else stopped. "I'd like to thank him for that because moments ago people were actually driving around this child like he was a stray animal in the road," said Cook. "In what world do you swerve around a child in the road and not stop and get out of the car to find out what's going on? Are people so damn busy and self-centered that a child's welfare and safety are so insignificant to them? Makes me sick."

All ended well. The child's father came down the road looking for him. "This could have ended up very differently," said Cook. "He could have easily been hit or abducted. I guess I expect more common sense and human decency out of people."

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