Is this Deja Vu? During the winter, we were watching the snowfall total counts for various cities around New York State and the Eastern U.S. Region. All the while hoping it will end and summer will soon arrive. It was a tough winter and we delth with record snowfall.

Well, summer arrived, and now we're watching the total count of rainfall for various cities in Central/Southern New York as well as our neighbors in The Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. Not sure we have smashed any rainfall records yet, but it seems like we've been through more rainfall than in any recent year.

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The National Weather Service in Binghamton put up a graphic on the NYS Binghamton Facebook page showing rain total for July as of the 15th of the month. The totals are tabulated by the National Weather Service's official observers in Central New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania, and of course the totals continue to change daily.

Here's your top ten rainfall communities, starting with number 10.

CNY & NEPA Most July Rainfall

via NWS Binghamton Facebook, Google Maps

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