Everybody knows the saying, "It's too good to be true" and most of the time when you see products advertised, it rarely does all the products claims to be able to do.  I've had that experience with deer repellents until now.  

I have deer in my yard at all times of the day and night on a daily basis.  It's a bit of a love/hate relationship since I like deer, I just don't like that they eat all my shrubs and flowers.  I have tried so many different things over the years to keep them away in vain and finally gave in to fencing all my plants in.


Recently, I got ambitious and put in a flower bed around one of my front yard trees and planted a few perennials that claimed to be deer resistant.  Guess what?  The very first night, one of the plants got eaten right down.  So much for "deer resistant".  Anyone with experience in gardening will tell you that no such plant exists and that deer will try anything at least once.  So upon the recommendation of a neighbor, I went out and bought an animal repellent called "Repels-All".  Guess what?  IT WORKS!!  Apparently you don't have to spray it on plants more than once every two months.  Then again, after getting a whiff of this stuff, I can see why!  It's promising so far but I must say that the skeptic in me is ready to see deer getting their teeth on my precious plants again.  This story to be continued...

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