This past week I went on vacation to Boothbay Harbor, Maine and stayed in a motel with my family.  I made sure that when we left, we combed every inch of that room so as to not leave anything behind.  It is surprising what people do end up leaving behind in hotel rooms.  Below, are the top ten most common left behind items.

10. Jewelry
9. Briefcases, Suitcases, and Handbags
8. Adult Toys
7. Artificial Limbs
6. Clothes
5. Books
4. Teddy Bears
3. Laptops
2. Gadgets (iPads, etc)
1. Cell Phones

Now those items above are all fairly obvious right?  Well, maybe not the prosthetic limbs.  That's just weird that you could manage to leave behind part of your body but that leads me to the 9 weirdest things left behind in hotel rooms.

1. Geckos (poor little guy!)
2. Money (I think mind altering substances were involved in this one)
3. Horse (what the ?)
4. Suitcases filled with wigs and glasses  (I can guess on this one)
5. Stuffed crocodile (don't leave home without it)
6. A human baby (major oops)
7. Artificial limbs (again?!)
8. Corpse (I'd leave that behind too!)
9. Marriage license (Was that in Vegas per chance?)

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