Here's an update on a series of burglaries of people's homes that took place in Delaware County back in July and August that The Delaware County Sheriff's Office has been investigating along with help from the Otsego County Sheriff's Office and the New York State Police. After acquiring evidence, an arrest of two men from Morris, Randy L. Hawkins and George Klinger III took place on August 17 by Sheriff's deputies, and items that had been stolen from residences were found in their possession. At that arrest, both men were linked to a Town of Hamden home burglary and charged with Burglary in the First Degree, Criminal Use of a Firearm, and Criminal Mischief.

Both men were just arrested on December 30 and now face additional charges linked to other robberies that had been reported during that time.

During July and August, burglaries had been reported in the Towns of Masonville, Tompkins, Franklin, and Hamden. According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, both men have been connected to the burglaries in the towns mentioned above and now have to answer to an additional 15 counts of Burglary that took place in those towns.

Both men are now in jail, serving time for the original charges, and will end up in court at a later date to face the additional charges.

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Learn more about the original arrests in this case here. Updates will be provided as more information is released by police.


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