A 1980 New Hartford Central School class ring will be returned to it's owner after going missing around 30 years ago.

On the New Hartford, NY Alumni Facebook Group page, Wayne LaSalle created a post explaining how he had a class ring from 1980 with the name Renee on it:

I have a girls class of 1980 New Hartford Central School class ring in my possession. I found it on the back windowsill of my Electronics shop in Vernon, NY sometime between the late 80s and early 90s."

Wayne has no clue how it got into his shop. His theory on the post was maybe someone broke up with their girlfriend and just took off ring and put it down as they were walking by.

I lost it when I moved, stumbled upon it again some time later. I tried to find the owner on several occasions to no avail. If you know a girl named Renee, class of 1980, who would like her class ring back, let me know."

Reading through the chain of guesses and responses, it appears the ring belongs to a Renee Del Genio. Currently the pair are messaging one another to plan the rings return.

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