During the summer, I can't help but think back to my childhood and remember all the fun activities I enjoyed.  Kids are still enjoying some of these same summer pastimes in this day and age but it seems like some things have fallen by the wayside.  I just want to share my favorites:

  • Slip 'n slide and running under the sprinkler on a hot day
  • Watermelon seed spitting (today, it's hard to find watermelon with seeds big enough to spit!)
  • Biking pretty much everywhere
  • Swimming at the swimming hole with the rope swing
  • Campfires and s’mores (what's not to love?)
  • Going to the county fair
  • Playing fun outdoor games: croquette, badminton, kickball, baseball, frisbee, tetherball, jarts, etc.
  • catching frogs, salamanders, and fireflies
  • playing hide n' seek and kick-the-can
  • canoeing
  • camping
  • fishing
  • catching crayfish in the creek
  • swinging from the homemade swing hanging from a tree branch
  • climbing trees
  • building tree forts
  • ice cream at the ice cream shop!

After reminiscing about all the things I used to love doing in the summer as a kid, I was surprised at how long the list was!  Can today's kids come up with a list this long?  I doubt it.

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