Do you ever find yourself, all cuddled up on the couch with your favorite blanket and ready to watch your favorite show (which you DVRed) only to hit play and have not only the beginning cut off but the end too?  ARGH!!  That happens to me every week when I watch "New Girl" on Fox.  And yes, I find myself yelling at my TV every week when this happens and, of course, thinking, "In the modern age with the technology that we have, why can't we have a DVR that records the whole darn show?!"

And don't blame the Networks for not starting on time.  That will never change, at least in my humble opinion.  Just make a machine that can compensate for that.  We never had this problem with the VCR because, we the user were in charge.  Maybe that's the solution?  Let the user take back control of setting the programs.  What do you think?


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