Kiss has begun accepting pre-orders for their much-touted oversized photo book, ‘Monster.’ The three-foot tall tome will cost — get ready –  $4,299! Before you get a case of sticker shock, keep this in mind: Shipping is free!

Also, if you act fast, and order one of the first 75 copies of ‘Monster,’ you’ll get a drastic discount and pay “only” $3,499. True completists may need to mortgage their house; there will be 10 different covers featuring flags from different countries around the world.

There will be only 1,000 of these guitar-sized books made, and if Kiss sells them all, they’ll gross over 4.2 million dollars. Some quick reading between the lines on the “come on and buy me” page of the book’s official new site (“only 1,000 books in this limited edition run”) also suggests the rest of us may be able to buy a more sensibly priced, smaller edition of this book somewhere down the line.

We hope so, because the photos certainly do look cool. In a promo video set to sounds of the ‘Alive II’ studio track ‘Larger Than Life,’ Paul Stanley suggests creative uses to increase the product’s value: “You can use it for exercise, you can get two of them and build a house.” Well, now it sounds like a bargain!

See a Video Tour of the Kiss ‘Monster’ Book

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