One county from the Mid-Hudson Region dominates a new list of the "10 Snobbiest Places In New York."

Our friends over at RoadSnacks recently named the "The 10 Snobbiest Places In New York For 2023."

The 10 Snobbiest Places To Live In New York State


According to RoadSnacks these are the 10 snobbiest places to live in New York State, ranked 6-10.

#10 Briarcliff Manor

#9 Bronxville

#8 Lawrence

#7 North Hills

#6 Irvington

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Hudson Valley Dominates Snob List


The Hudson Valley dominated the list from 6 to 10. And it also dominates the list for the Top 5. Including the two "snobbiest" places to live in New York.

The 5 Snobbiest Places In New York State

Our friends at RoadSnacks named the 5 "snobbiest places" to live in New York State. Is it your hometown? Are you close?

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Westchester County Full Of New York's "Snobbiest Places"

Pelham Manor, Rye, Larchmont and Scarsdale are all located in Westchester County.

If you live in any of these places, RoadSnacks says "don't freak out."

"If we had their wealth and lifestyle, we’d probably be a little snobby, too," RoadSnacks states

Out of the Top 5, only Long Island's East Hills is not located in Westchester County.

How List Was Crafted


The website aims to "provide insights your real estate agent would neglect to mention." RoadSnacks looked into 163 hometowns across New York State with over 5,000 residents to craft its list.

"How can we tell which New York cities are the snobbiest? By measuring snobby things, that’s how," RoadSnacks states. "We used Saturday Night Science to look at things like expensive homes, high incomes, and overly educated populations by city in New York. These are the criteria you’d argue with a friend over a foodie dinner about who’s snobbier.

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New Data Declares 'The Safest' Place To Live In New York State

Town of Lewisboro
Town of Lewisboro

Westchester County is apparently home to many snobby places to live. It's also home to New York's "safest" place to live.

BestLife recently ranked "The Safest City in Every State, New Data Shows."

Hometown In Westchester County Named Safest Place To Live In New York State

In 2020, SafeWise named Lewisboro the safest place to live in New York. In 2021, SafeWise named the town the safest small town in America. 

Also in 2021, RoadSnacks named Lewisboro as one of the 10 safest hometowns in New York.

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RoadSnacks has made a number of lists about places to live in New York State including:


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A list highlights the worst places a New York resident can call home. A number of places in the Hudson Valley made the list, including one that was ranked the worst place to live.

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A "giant horror plant" that can cause blindness and severe burns is still in New York State, despite the best efforts from New York officials.

The 10 Best Counties To Live In New York State

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