The doctors and staff at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital don't just focus on medical treatments. They also know how to throw an awesome party and make school cool!

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Who says hospital stays have to be boring? Did you know that St. Jude brings fun to their patient's lives with prom nights at their very own school? They do!

Prom Night Extravaganza

St. Jude knows that missing out on prom can be a major disappoint so they make sure their patients don't miss out. Every year, St. Jude puts on a prom in the hospital, making it a night to remember.

For prom night, the hospital turns into a big-time party zone. The halls and rooms get a makeover with decorations that go along with the prom theme. The atmosphere is filled with excitement as patients dress to impress in their fanciest dress and snazziest suits.

Volunteers, donors, and members of the community come together for an unforgettable night for the patients. People donate formal wear, stylists help with hair and makeup makeovers. The music is pumping and the dance floor hopping, as the kids let loose and jam to their favorite song.  It's all about having fun, and making memories that will last forever with friends. Friends that know exactly what they're going through.

School Days Made Awesome

Education is important, but it can be hard to concentrate when going through medical treatments. That's why St. Jude comes to the rescue! Inside, they've set up their very own school—a place where patients don't miss out on their studies

The St. Jude School Program is fully accredited and has a wide range of subjects to meet the unique needs of every student. From math to science and everything in between, the school has it covered. Amazing teachers work directly with the patients, giving  personalized instruction and support.

This is more than textbooks and tests, the St. Jude school has become a place to hang for the patients. It's a chance to be with classmates who understand what they're going through and make friendships that can last even after leaving the hospital.

The school helps patients to learn and grow, while giving them the chance to grow academically and have a sense of normalcy in their lives.

When you think of St. Jude, think of more than just a hospital. St. Jude brings the joy of a prom while getting an education at the same time.

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