It's hard to believe that the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse is almost here. I'm glad it's back at full speed after the last 2 years. It's one of the trips that I look forward to because of the famous butter sculpture, 25 cent milk, live music and most of all, the state fair food.

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Some state fairs have Sautéed Mealworms (supposedly tastes like popcorn), Pickle Pizza and Kool Aid Chicken sandwich (regular chicken sandwich with a Kool Aid glaze). That's fine and dandy but I LOVE the fair food that's coming to the Great New York State Fair this year.

Jim Hasbrouck of Fried Specialties is the man behind the crazy creations that are featured at the fair every year including "Dead on Arrival" and "Sudden Death Burger."

This year? There's something he's offering that's sure to divide opinions.

Flaming Code Peach

Ready for this? Okay, here we go... A deep fried peach cobbler with bacon bits, caramel....wait for it...jalapenos, along with a slice of peach flavored bacon. You had me until jalapenos, then got me back with bacon.

Now, sweet and spicy is a thing. But peaches and jalapenos? That's definitely a combination that we didn't see coming. I'm sure they've tested this, but do you think that some people may be scared off by the combo? But then again, some people may see it and say "I need to try that."

Who knows? It will certainly be a toss-up.

I have one word to say about the Flaming Code Peach! Insane!

I'm looking forward to the rest of the fair food coming to the Great New York State Fair Food, August 24-September 5 in Syracuse.

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